Bride of Chucky



For better or worse, Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) will be a matched set if they ever get back into human bodies. To do this, they must get to Hackensack, New Jersey, exhume Chucky's human body, recover the soul-transferring amulet that was buried along with it, and find a couple of compatible "body" donors. Enter teenage newlyweds Jesse (Nick Stabile) and Jade (Katherine Heigl), two young lovers-on-the-lam who become the evil duo's unwitting accomplices. The wedding party hits the highway and what ensues is a road trip filled with murder, music, mayhem, love and betrayal…

Director's Notes

When Universal asked me to do the movie, I said I know nothing about the CHILD'S PLAY franchise. They said, "Oh, that's fine. That's fine. Just come in and make an entertaining movie." I said, "OK. Fine. I can do that." The producers were very up front about the fact that they weren’t interested in making a sequel, but that what they were looking for was a director to help reinvent Chucky. They were willing to let me incorporate my own interpretation of the script in the film, to let me tell the story with color and movement and that was very interesting to me."

Working with puppets and the many people needed to control them is much more difficult than directing the most temperamental actor. Organization and communication are key because with fourteen or fifteen people to coordinate, numerous things can go wrong at any given moment.

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"...Delivers nasty laughs, clever plot...a smart little horror movie..."

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

"...The best of the self-aware slasher satires of the late 1990s..."

Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy


There were seven puppeteers each for Chucky and Tiffany, as well as a computer playback operator and a puppet coordinator to act as liaison between the operators and the director.

Chucky was supposed to say to John Ritter’s character, "Sorry, Jack, but three's a crowd," after killing him. The joke references Ritter’s character in Three's Company, whose name was also Jack. But Yu deleted the line at the last minute because it was too corny.