The Bride with White Hair



Bride with White Hair tells the story of a pair of star-crossed lovers set in the Chinese jianghu. Zhuo Yihang (Leslie Cheung) was raised by the Wudang Clan leader and was destined to become his successor, whether he wished to or not. During a battle against Ji Wushang, Siamese twins who wanted to seize the kingdom, Yihang encountered Lian Nishang (Brigitte Lin), an orphan who was raised by wolves before being adopted by Ji Wushuang. As they fall in love, Yihang and Nishang decide to leave the violence of jianghu behind and pursue an ordinary life far away. However their fate went completely out of their control as the war between their worlds escalate...

Director's Notes

The film is loosely based on Liang Yusheng's novel Baifa Monü Zhuan. I love that book, and before we adapted it I went to Australia to get Mr. Liang's blessing (he has retired and moved there), which he graciously did. But as I left he house he said, "Mr Yu? Don't embarrass me."

We changed a lot of things, like adding the Siamese twins as the villains. I also modernized the story. The Zhuo Yihang character is quite a departure from the book, in which he was indecisive, almost wimpy, and we made him much more of a rebel in the movie, more a James Dean type.


  • 1993 Fantastica Film Festival—Grand Prize
  • 1994 Gérardmer Film Festival—Grand Prize
  • 1994 Fantafestival—Best Film
  • 1994 Hong Kong Film Awards—Best Art Direction (Eddie Ma); Best Cinematography (Peter Pau); Best Costume & Make Up Design (Sin-Yiu Cheung)



"...Plenty of high-tech, psychotically-choreographed kung fu scenes, but the crux of this story rests squarely on some very grown-up themes: allegiance, love, and loss...One of the most gorgeously filmed Hong Kong movies I've ever seen..."

Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle

"Visually stunning and emotionally satisfying action masterpiece."

Michael Dequina, TheMovieReport.com